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Gift for my bro: Jesusasaurus by G-manluver Gift for my bro: Jesusasaurus by G-manluver
Before you religious people come at me with bitch forks watch this first to get the joke

My brother is moving to a new province soon so since his birthday had just past as well I made him this image and promise to fancy it up digitally and post it at deviantart.

The joke has become one between me, him and his gf. We were all watching the episode of family guy when this scene came which created great deals of laughing. Then we wondered what Jesusasaurus Rex would look like. So here he is in all his glory.

Note worthy, other than the halo which was redone the lineart was all done by hand, something I haven't done in ages D:. you may also ask what tools I used for the rest to make the description shorter here.

Also as you may notice I try my darndest to keep anime style as far away from this image as possible (since its meant to be a cartoon) and I think it worked :o

So feel free to ask questions and enjoy!

PS: please don't flame me if you're a christian that doesn't believe in dinosaurs, I'm not here to argue religious views on evolution.

EDIT: video has been deleted but the just of it was Peter (Family Guy) was watching an edited show on the begining of time (made for hics or something like that) and certain parts were edited badly. In one edit someone started to talk about dinosaur and they edited the start with Jesus, so when the man said "Tyrannosaurus rex" it came out as "Jesus-osuarus rex".
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August 28, 2007
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